Boğaziçi University uses Moodle as its Lecture Management System. Moodle is an open-source, flexible Virtual Learning Environment that is designed to support face-to-face teaching with a wide range of versatile online tools, as well as providing a place to upload resources for courses. It is very popular around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic teaching sites and supporting classroom training. Developed by pedagogical experts, Moodle is a mature system with a strong and enthusiastic international community of users and developers.

Moodle is available to all students and teaching staff of Boğaziçi University with their Bogazici e-mail credentials. Please use your Bogazici e-mail username, i.e. the part before '' in your e-mail address, and your Bogazici e-mail password. Make sure you do not use your OBIKAS/BUIS (Registration) password in the password field.

If you do not have a Bogazici e-mail account, you should visit the Computer Center Laboratories with your university ID Card in North, South or Kandilli Campus.

NOTICE: If there seems to be a problem with your Moodle account, please use the Moodle Troubleshooter.
For Instructors: Courses which are older than 4 semester are stored in the Moodle Archive.